How To Find The Best Fertility Doctor For You

One of the main concerns for most couple nowadays is the condition called infertility. Its really a big disappointment to know that you cant have a child. Some have already asked their Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and even tried asking help from faith healers. However, before a woman who wants to conceive a baby goes to any fertility doctor, there are certain things she needs to be aware of.

Whom you should consult first must be a general gynaecologist or a reproductive endocrinologist. The reason behind this is that they can do the first level of evaluating your condition and provide you with the basic infertility treatment. However, do not just choose any professional. Make sure you look at the doctors experience and trainings acquired.

Most women think that the specialist they are seeing is already a fertility doctor. Try asking if your doctor is a fellowship trained fertility specialist or not. You will know she is if after she graduated, she did attend the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship, a training for specializing in fertility carried out for three years. Another thing is that you should know when or at what point it will be necessary for you to see a fertility doctor. In most cases, a patient is referred after 6 to 12 succeeding months of treatment. Sometimes, factors like age and the main cause of infertility will affect the schedule as to when the patient will be referred to the specialist.

If you wish to try gender selection of your child, still there are many things to consider. One factor is how reliable the clinic or the fertility doctor is in handling cases like yours. Try to check their record and see how many pregnancies, on-going pregnancies, and live births they have served. By keeping these factors in mind, your determination to conceive a baby will become stronger making you feel positive all the way.

Of course, the cost of the treatment shouldnt be overlooked. There are times when couples get tired of keeping on with the treatment because of the changing costs given by their doctors are frustrating. This is why you should really pay attention and get the full details when it comes to the cost. You may want to be sure if it is all inclusive or not. You also need to ask if you will have to pay for every lab test you will undergo. You need to be serious in taking IVF because this procedure does not come cheap.

Being in this difficult situation, the least thing that you could do is find a reliable and successful fertility clinic and be handled with a fertility doctor you are comfortable with.