Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome represents a group of eye problems that are caused due to a routine of spending prolonged hours of time in front of computer screen or other digital devices, like video games, tablets, etc. The problem is caused when a person’s work requirement to perform visual tasks exceeds his natural capacity to do it. It is not just caused due to staring at a screen rather many other factors like the position of computer and lightening are also responsible. It is not a prolonged or permanent disease but the symptoms associated with it may cause discomfort and decline of performance in routine life. People who already have some eye problem, like nearsightedness and do not wear glasses, are more likely to get affected by this syndrome. People of older age have a less flexible eye lens, so they are also more affected by this problem.

Symptoms associated with this problem are blurred vision, dry red eyes, headache, irritation of eyes, pain in neck or shoulders, back pain and eye strain. There can be other reasons for these symptoms but a person having these symptoms must have an eye examination as early as possible.

If it is compulsory to spend hours in front of a screen, as it can be a job requirement for many people or a compulsion for students to do their work at computers, some precautionary measures should be taken to avoid computer vision syndrome. There should be a distance of at least 20 inches between the screen and eyes and the center of the screen should be 4 to 5 inches below the eye. Also, the reference material should be situated right below or beside the monitor so that the person doesn’t have to move his head. The lightening conditions are also an important factor. Make sure that the screen is glared and avoid refractions from windows or overhead lights in the room. Blink your eyes excessively as it will wash out your eyes. Take a 20 seconds break after every 20 minutes to give rest to your eyes. Make sure your chair is comfortable to avoid pain in neck, shoulders, and back.

Doctors can prescribe special eye glasses or a lens designed for computer use. They have the lens coatings which tend to increase visual ability and comfort. laser eye surgery procedures would work for various eye conditions, it would not be an option in this situation.